Reveal Coaching & Consulting | Swimming with dolphins
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Mindful swimming with dolphins

For 1 week, aboard a boat anchored in the middle of the Red Sea, you will swim amongst dolphins that are free.

Encountering dolphins will enable you to let go and reconnect with your feelings and your intuitions.

Our concept: In this state of letting go you will be able to question yourself about things that are essential to you and your life’s project, whether they are professional or personal.

You will be supervised by 2 experienced coaches, guided and challenged as you reflect throughout the week. On the sea bed you will seek to find ideas and intuitions relating to your fundamental questions.

Back onboard the boat you can, if you so wish, share them and enrich them with the other participants.

Throughout the week, we will offer you workshops to stimulate your approach on the following themes:

  • The manager’s dream
  • Energy and mental health
  • Attitude and letting go
  • The place for intuition and emotions within the company
  • Freedom OK, but how?
  • etc.


You can also invite all your team to experience this extraordinary time. And so construct your project around unforgettable sensations and new experiences.

Take the time to live at the dolphins’ pace and be carried away by such a gentle encounter.