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Reveal the talents

Of your organisations

Change your organisation to increase agility and performance. Support beneficial changes effectively. And so reveal all the potential that lies within your company.

Of your teams

Develop team cohesion.

So that it too becomes a player in innovation.

Grow collective intelligence and develop initiative taking.

Of individuals

Work on a difficulty, whether slight or deep-rooted. Understand and accept  your potential to pull the levers will enable you to reveal your talent fully.

Identify your dreams and dare to fulfil them.

Find your way
and design your strategy
Formalise your business plan, enrich it with the help of your teams and involve them in its implementation.

Using the project and the company manager’s reference framework, we support the Management Committee in understanding this framework.

Because the discussion of points of view enriches your project and enlarges the range of possible strategies.


We are by your side to:

1. Formalise a reference framework with the company manager and identify his/her vision, dreams, ambitions and objectives.

2. Using collective intelligence, bring out the possible innovations for creating new economic models, new products or new management methods.

3. Construct individual and collective action plans to breathe life into your project and thus transform your organisation.

4. Ensure your strategy is implemented with complete autonomy.

Our approach is a long-term one, with a multi-disciplinary team of experienced consultants and certified coaches.

We deploy a rigorous project methodology between our project team and your own so that you can effectively launch all the sites necessary for the transformation of your organisation.

We will also be confrontational to challenge you over your strategic choices, consistent with your deep-seated aspirations, your market and the maturity of your organisation.

Finally, we will disappear to entrust you with complete freedom and fully responsible autonomy to guarantee the success and implementation of your project.


Align your dreams, ambitions, and resources to construct a coherent project.


Share and enrich the project with its governance so that everyone finds their place and can identify their commitment


Implement a pragmatic action plan suitable for the organisation's needs and resources. Accompany the resulting sub-projects in a personalised manner.

Develop responsibility
and collective intelligence
Enable each person in a team to contribute to collective performance and also nurture his/her own project.

How can I develop the cohesion and performance of my team?

How can I develop and support them in the implementation of my project?

How can I involve them and ensure their commitment?


Using simple, pragmatic team coaching we lead collective intelligence workshops to enable your team to incorporate your project and contribute to its implementation.

We can also direct our work on the development of creativity as a team, and put in place a real approach of economic, managerial or organisational innovation.

Our benevolence and our pragmatic approach allow the exchange of ideas, and all points of view are welcomed. All our seminars include an objective of individual and collective commitment making it possible to continue the work on return to the company.


Build a well-knit team, allowing each person to find his/her place and express his/her uniqueness.


Allow people to take the initiative, leave room for failure and promote questioning.


Create areas of freedom and the necessary framework to bring out creativity and innovation in products, organisation and managerial methods.

Find your place
and prove yourself
Impose your luck, hold tight to your happiness and go to meet your risk. Looking your way, they will follow.
René Char

It is sometimes difficult to find your place as a company manager.

How do you make your teams understand and engage?

How do you have authority without being authoritarian?

How do you develop the autonomy of your teams whilst indicating which direction to take?


Having been given a precise request we offer you coaches who can respond to your problem.

Depending on their expertise and your needs you can work on:

– Your personal project and that of your business plan

– Your leadership

– Your emotions

– Conflict management

– Commercial performance and negotiation

– Stress management and time management

– Creativity and problem resolution


Align your dream, ambitions and resources to construct a project that is coherent and therefore realistic


Understand your influence and its impact on your system in order to interact differently with your teams and fully come into your own


Reconnect with yourself, identify your emotions, and feel them to experience them intensely and reinvent yourself... for the better

All our seminars are on Reinvent yourself

  • Swimming with dolphins

    A dream week to question your intentions, motivations and projects .

  • Lego Serious Play

    Bring your project to life with a playful, original method, and formalise your strategy with your teams .

  • Find your value

    Money is a projection surface. The value we place on our offer and our way of negotiating determines our performance .

  • Get your activity off the ground

    Create your offer, construct your commercial action plan and work on your attitude as a negotiator to develop your activity .

  • Coaching with horses

    The horse is a true mirror, offering new perspectives and accelerating the necessary awareness for transformations .

  • The art of negotiation and the art of combat

    Dare to undertake confrontation and use the principles of a martial art - Yi Quan - to assert yourself in your relationships.

Take the first step towards reinventing yourself

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+33 (0) 6 31 98 17 61