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Reinvent yourself with horses

EquiLab® proposes that you experiment, feel and get to know yourself through the relationship with horses. To become aware of and develop your potential.


What for?

– Improving your leadership and working on your managerial attitude.

– Developing your abilities in the management of tensions and conflicts.

– Facilitating the acquisition of interpersonal skills.

– Overcoming complex professional situations.

– Strengthening your self-esteem.

– Consciously adopting a different management method.

Consolidating your emotional skills

Horses have many qualities conducive to facilitating the accompaniment of people or teams: their sensitivity, curiosity, genuineness, and their ability to adjust immediately and continuously in a relationship.

Horses have great emotional and social intelligence, and are very sensitive to the genuineness of the person interacting with them. They are a mirror offering new perspectives and accelerating the necessary awareness for transformations.

Accompaniment with horses offers an enormous experimental field, enabling you to learn and incorporate new expertise very quickly; expertise that is both suitable and durable.

Alone to come face to face with your emotions, or as a team to face its attitudes and postures.